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CABLE#01__Curated by Silvio Magaglio




B1/  Usefull in our época
How to travel to be safe and where to find a place that look paecefull

Thierry Jaspart
I had a personnal photography show in Belgium and this guy came to talk to me
we had a passionate discussion about graffiti and tags and street-art today and i understood how much energy he have, the evolution of his work is something we should keep an eye on.


B3/Frédéric Platéus
Long time friend …when i used to escape France for Belgium
i always stayed at this home /studio
i was lucky to witness him working on his art
His vision is about stars and technology  to create art

because the truth is definitly not on television
when i was a kid i had those books about ufo testimony during the 60,s
now we all have cameras on our phones and theres milions of videos on youtube
more of them are fake….
but this one from the mexicain army with professional cameras and trained crew has two significations
one : aliens exists
two : there are some very advenced tech out there and you just witnessed something that doesn’t exist officialy

B5/ the team leader
graffiti artist and selftought photoshop master when they released the program , long time skate-board addict he is more the kind of people who preffers acting to long talks
now graffis designer for a skate board company he goes on painting walls around Paris whenever the weather allows it

B6/ SECRETARIO_Quintero te quiero

La llamada al After. Como se ve, es viendo y si va a puerta es gol como máxima expresión de obviedad social. Un Shofar invoca

B7/  Ceramicas   Mon Colonel et Spit VS Blandine for Atelier le Biscuit
Modern paintings versus timeless technique
ceramics goes punk

B8/  Jean LAbourdette
…is a self tought clasical oil painter
working on still-life painting from Pitt-bull dogs to tatooed skulls
he is some kind of modern piratewho escaped long time ago the old europe to make a career in America
some kind of ultimate modern romantism

B9/ Pica Pica

Mandal food and farm
yes we can grow food and make it looks beautifull
nature is everything
forms life …the futur will exist only if we can still grow good food and stay healthy (with all the drugs we need …)

Julien Cadou aka JCEarl
Pure energy inside a human body
his eyes and brain have the ability to deconstruct all the basics to turn them into clear pieces of art
I wish i could spend one hour in his head

B13/ release the draguar
road kill piece of rolling art
how to turn an old europeen lady into a young  american pinup  ..the roadkill way

Ride de nuit
Paris by night with long time friends and graffiti writers and music producers
graffiti art leads to all kind of productions and bizness
the carrer plans can be very large from fast car driving to internationaly known artists
all off this only talking about hip-hop and tags on the streets

lets finish with the bigginer
this one guy is an electronic music pionner in France
at that time he was living with a genius graffiti writer called Number 6 whom i was going to interview
10 years after this first uncounter i had the chance to share a creative studio with him
well   the black chamber was sharing one wall with his music studio ..
luckyly enough i was printing during the day and he was making the whole house shakes at night

blessed epoca

Now that Macron was in some sorts of way  Elected  French president i now declare grammar optional  and i assume the answers wont be related to the questions


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